The Cedar Creek Cinema story: Angie allowed me to have half the garage back in the mid 2,000's which resulted in the first edition of Cedar Creek Cinema. It was too small at only 11.5ft wide by 19.5ft deep, so I tore it out and restored the two-car garage. Within a few years Angie had endured enough of the AV system sharing duties with her great room area and suggested I take the entire garage with the caveat that I add at least a two-car carport on the end of the house. Done! The second edition of Cedar Creek Cinema and Listening Room is 19.5ft wide x 23.5ft deep and is as much of a music listening room as it is a home theater room. It is home to several AV equipment and speaker evaluation/testing/review events as recorded at Home Theater Shack forum and AV NIRVANA discussion forum and AV review site. I was able to create a hallway between the house and the room to help isolate the noise coming back into the house. The walls and ceiling consist of several barrier layers and the walls are about 9 inches thick with blown newspaper insulation. Leaving the house entering into the hallway with the Pink Floyd poster (from 1994 concert we attended), and on into the room thru the double solid core entrance doors... this is the real deal.



Cedar Creek Cinema

Processor: StormAudio ISP Core 16
Main Amps: Sanders Sound System Magtechs (Pair)
Multi-Channel Amp: Emotiva XPA-Eleven
Computer Audio: Intel NUC w/ Roon ROCK OS
Processor/Roon Music Controller:         Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Laptop
UHD Player: Panasonic UB9000 4K
Front Speakers: MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A
Center Channel: MartinLogan Focus C-18
Surround Side: MartinLogan EFX Surrounds
Surround Back: MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL
Front Height: MartinLogan EM-IC
Rear Height: MartinLogan EM-IC
Subwoofers (Music and Movies): SVSound SB16-Ultra x 4
Additonal Subwoofers (Movies Only): SVSound PB16-Ultra x 2
Projector: JVC DLA-NX9
Screen: Elite 128" Screen
Remote Control: Universal MX-890
Equipment Stand: Salamander Synergy
Amp Stands: VTI
Video Streamer: FireCube
Streaming Subscriptions:    Lifetime Roon Subscription
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